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Delve into Valon, a Minecraft server meticulously crafted for avid adventurers and builders. Explore vast terrains, encounter PvE challenges, and construct awe-inspiring masterpieces in a new towny community. Unleash your imagination in Valon today.

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Valon is a classic style Minecraft server network, in which servers are not connected to each other, allowing each server to have it's own unique features and playerbase.



Everything you'd want in a Towny server and more. Explore a huge map filled with custom biomes, dungeons, and quests. Build your own town in mystery structures or start fresh in a beautiful terralith world.



The server that started Valon, Kingdom is similar to our Towny SMP, but claims are done with Lands and with the best Slimefun experience you can find. Kingdom is the perfect server for a relaxed survival experience.

Latest Updates

We make frequent posts in our Discord channel, encapsulating every fresh update we introduce to our Minecraft servers. Take a peek at our latest updates below.

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Valon, a Minecraft Survival Server

Valon offers a unique Minecraft experience, with a focus on building and adventuring. When you join Valon, you'll be transported to a world of endless possibilities.

Valon Minecraft Server

Build Towns

Play on a large map and discover structures and villager towns scattered across the world. Claim land and build your own town, or and expand it to a nation to rule over the world.

Explore EliteMobs dungeons, complete quests, and reap rewards. Ascend through ranks, unlocking new abilities.

Valon Minecraft Server

Experience EliteMobs

Valon has every feature you'd expect from an EliteMobs server, including LevelledMobs, Keep Inventory, and more. Fight powerful mobs, and earn rewards for your efforts. Prestige your EM rank by defeating the final boss in engaging premium dungeons.

Valon Minecraft Server

Enhanced RPG

Our servers offer a unique RPG experience, powered by McMMO, Aurelium Skills, advanced enchants, and Slimefun.

Join parties with friends, and level up your skills by completing jobs. Unlock new abilities and perks, and race up to the top of the leaderboards.